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With so many cases on the market, it's hard to choice which one is best overall. Well, the Zalman Z9 Cases have all the features you should be looking for in a mid-tower case and more. There's even provision for water cooling and a side panel fan. Bang for the buck on this product is very high and you really can't go wrong.

Zalman Z7 Plus Case has nice styling, lots of fans, fan controller, plenty of drive bays, hole on the motherboard tray for coolers retention plate and much more. If your in the market for a great mid-tower case be sure to check this one out.

The Zalman GS1000 Case is available in two color options and is made from aluminum, steel and plastic. The side panels are aluminum, inside is steel, but the remaining outside is plastic. At the front there are four 5.25" drive bays but two have a 5.25" to 3.5" drive bay adapters. Something unique to this case is the SATA Hot Swap HDD Cage system for the bottom three HDDs. The SATA data & SATA power connectors are inside the case. This system makes connecting & disconnecting HDDs is a snap. Watch the video to find out more.

The Zalman Reserator XT External Water Cooling System performs very well, is super easy to install and very compact. If you are looking for a compact water cooling system that is on par with some of the separate hardcore water cooling kits, I would strongly recommend you check out this product. With a 120mm fan, 120mm radiator, 500L/hr pump and newly designed solid copper CPU water block, it's extremely impressive. This unit also comes with quick connect couplings. These quick connect couplings enable easy connection and disconnection of tubes.

This product has Home Theatre PC case written all over it. It not only looks great and is quality built, but it comes with a Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD) and a fantastic remote control. One important feature about this case is that it fits all standard ATX hardware but remains slim, and this is a testament to its excellent design. A much more powerful system can be built using standard ATX hardware over micro ATX. This is especially important if you are building a gaming HTPC. Watch the Video to find out more...

There are many external water cooling kits on the market and most of them are easy to install, this one is no exception. What sets this water cooling system apart from many is that it's completely silent, unless you want the fan kit. The fan kit is recommended if you live in a hot environment or want lower temperature results. Watch the Video to find out more...

The Zalman TNN 300 Compact Fanless Case is a marvel! This case sets a new standard for silent microATX design. The way Zalman has implemented heatpipes and heatsinks in this case is nothing short of brilliant. The overall quality and looks are also exceptional. Let's not forget this is an all aluminum case. Those who demand the best and need their computers silent will defiantly drool over this product. If you would rather a standard ATX case, Zalman has the TNN 500 model. Watch the Video to find out more...

Zalman Reserator 1 Fanless External Water Cooling Kit