XigmaTek Co., Ltd.

Purpose and targets of becoming one of the worlds leaders in thermal PC Industry were set for Xigmatek Co. Ltd in 2005, the founding year! To ensure reaching this project aims, Xigmateks management followed up with hard work, experiences and customer friendly business style.

Honing one of the world’s most efficient manufacturing operations, Integration Presence in major economic regions, being tied up with most important strategic alliances between suppliers and academia and further majority investments in R&D are some of Xigmateks aggressive incensement strategies.

Combining the cream of product designers, R&D engineers and technical people (main team in Germany) Xigmatek is proud and full of confidence to offer excellent quality products and service to cover the customers requirements and demands.

Within the standard channels as the consumer market and the distributing electrical appliances, Xigmatek will keep on focusing on development and set up even new sales channels to comply ever-changing demands and requirements.

Several years of experiences company background in Thermal IT industry provides our customer the best, reliable, environmental and performing Thermal/Cooling Systems including excellent Service to fulfill global users and customers demands.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The Xigmatek Dark Night SD1283 CPU Cooler perform well, looks amazing, includes one 120mm fan (but another can be added) and fits all sockets. It has lots of aluminum fins and three 8mm heatpipes which come in direct contact with the base. The matte black color really makes this cooler stand.

If you're in the market for a medium sized cooler that performs well, looks great and has the option of installing two 120mm fans, this might be the cooler for you. The Xigmatek Thor's Hammer CPU Cooler might not be the best performing cooler on the market, but it still ranks high in it's class.

The Xigmatek Dark Knight-S1283V & HDT-S1284 CPU Coolers are amongst the best on the market. If you are looking for an affordable CPU Cooler option, consider either of these products. The Dark Knight is also all nickel coated which makes it one of the best looking cooler around. Watch the video to find out more...