Xgaming, Inc.

Xgaming® is an award-winning product design firm whose innovative and indestructible gaming products have received critical worldwide acclaim as well as being featured on a number of hit American television shows like HBO's Entourage™and Alias™.

What began as a three-person operation sparked by Pittsburgh native Shawn Walters' plan to resurrect the arcade experience of the 80's has grown to a leading video game accessory brand worldwide.

The Xgaming® customer list includes professional athletes, celebrities and regular Joes looking to bring back the arcade experience of the 80's.

Xgaming® was started in 2001 and is currently based at the revolutionary graduate program for video games at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. (external link)

To find out more about Xgaming®, check out this feature in The Business Times (external link)

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