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MGE Company is an innovator of high-quality computer accessories, power supplies, and cases for high-end PC systems. Combining unique styling and the latest advances in power supplies, thermal cooling technology and airflow, MGE’s products enable consumers to add performance and personality to their PC systems, contrary to the “plain-vanilla” look and feel of standard desktop accessories. The company targets the extreme “gamer/modder” niche as well as the “build your own” (BYO) mainstream market of PC enthusiasts. Built on a legacy of 10 years of expertise in the electronics and computer industry, MGE incorporates stylish designs, advanced functionality and, most importantly, reliability.

Unlike other competitive offerings, MGE products are affordable, uniquely designed in an array of colors, and provide the reliability to extend the life of a PC to give extreme gamers/modders the performance gains they demand, while offering the BYO mainstream enthusiast a stylish addition to a multimedia home entertainment area.

MGE offers a lifetime warranty program on its external power supplies. In contrast to its competitors that keep prices low by using cheaper power supplies that cannot accommodate the power demands of the latest and fastest processors, MGE combines a 100% replacement warranty on its external power supplies that optimize the latest advances in cooling and power to give extreme and mainstream PC enthusiasts “power to spare.”

MGE is well positioned to capitalize on a massive global market opportunity on two fronts. Its PC cases address the growing needs of the extreme gamer, whereas the emergence of video and computer games drives the mainstream modder segment. According to industry analysts, in the United States alone, consumers are spending almost $11 billion per year on video and computer games—more than they spend on movie tickets. That $11 billion bought 248 million computer and video games, according to the Entertainment Software Association in Washington, D.C.—two games for every household. On the other end of the MGE spectrum, the mainstream modder market is growing as this group continues to view the PC as a design piece versus homogeneous electronics component.

Leveraging the growth of these markets, MGE is providing this burgeoning customer base with an array of solutions to suit their specific lifestyles.

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