The overwhelming popularity of the personal computer originated with IBM's compatible design. Starting with the AT design then today's popular ATX designs, a new form factor evolves almost every other 10 years. Intel launched its new BTX form factors to the market in 2003, so we see the evolution from AT to ATX continue.

With continued research and development companies keep providing new technology that enhances components used in computers and consumer electronics (i.e. CPU, Hard Drives, video card, etc). Intel and AMD continue to introduce new processors that exponentially increase computing capabilities. Manufacturers of hard drives are providing drives with larger capacity, increased cache speeds and even the revolutions per minute has increased to 15,000 for SATA drives. Both nVIDIA and ATI manufacturers of video cards have increased their graphic process performance while requiring faster and larger memory. But, with all of these electronic components performing more, a great amount of heat is generated.

XCLIO's philosophy on designing cases is one of simplicity and practicality. XCLIO design group combines the expertise and ideas from designers locally and aboard. Our designs are verified against guidelines from the CE/FCC testing lab, temperature-testing lab, noisy testing lab, so we can achieve the following:

1. Simplicity and Practicality
2. Unique Designs
3. Super Quiet
4. Absolutely heat sink
5. Worldwide safety regulations

So our customers receive the best product design and unique options available in the market.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The Xclio 1000 Case is one massive full-tower case. It comes with 8 180mm multi-LED fans and more can be added. There's plenty of room to work on the inside, but the motherboard tray is not removable. There are also a torrent of drive bays. This case is mostly steel so it sturdy but extremely heavy. If your in the market for a huge tower case with bling bling then this it is. Watch the video to find out more...