X-Micro Technology Corp.

Company profile
X-Micro Technology Corp. specializes in innovative digital multimedia devices and wireless communication devices. Our focus is to provide products that offer convenience and freedom to the user, whether it’s on the beach, at school, or in the office. X-Micro’s devices are “Plug & Fly” which represents ease-of-use, mobility, speed, and imagination.

Established in 1999, X-Micro has a substantial investment in R&D, manufacturing, and engineering. We strive to deliver high quality, inventive new digital and wireless devices to users around the globe. Our products are first tier as our customers include one of the world’s top five PC brands. X-Micro continues to receive recognition worldwide with awards, praise, and recommendations from global media, customers, and end-users.

Our promise to Customers
X-Micro pledges to provide our customers with:
• Competitive prices
• Innovative products
• Excellent quality
• Outstanding service
• Total satisfaction

Exceeding expectations
X-Micro seeks to establish long-term business relationships. Our mission is to exceed expectations in quality, cost-effectiveness, and time-to-market. We can make a real difference. X-Micro’s goal is to bring advanced new products to market with the aim of providing total customer satisfaction.

Welcome to the X-Micro wireless and digital worlds.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

This Sponsor's Reviews

This product has tremendous value, because you get a lot of features at a very affordable price. You can watch video, listen to music, display photos, there's a built in FM tuner, a voice recorder, and much more. While it comes in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB capacities, this is limiting, especially if you a loading it up with video. Overall though, it's a sweet little player! Watch the Video to find out more...