USBKEYDRIVE.COM introduced USB Flash Drives into the US market in 2001. Since then, we have provided thousands of clients with quality custom branded USB drives. We continue to lead the industry with innovations in USB drive technology and creative styling.

If you thought USB flash drives were useful but kind of boring, get ready to eat crow.

Once again, we are breaking the rules with our new holiday line of Silicone USB Flash Drives! All new versions molded in the shape of the traditional Christmas Tree, Snowman, and Stocking.

We also offer the ultimate in USB Flash Drive customization. In the unlikely event that nothing we have suits your taste! We offer you the chance to design your very own, one of a kind, USB drive! Using new molding methods and silicone technology, you can amaze your customers and friends with your very own creation!

We are located in Los Alamitos, California
Customization/OEM inquiry and customer service: [email protected]

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