Tuniq Co.Ltd.

Tuniq was formed as a division of Sunbeamtech and took on a whole new direction in product designs. We at Tuniq aim to provide authentic performance through a minimalist approach by stripping down the unnecessary components in product designs. Our research and development team consists of members who have over a decade of experience as well as young designers who are able to think outside of the box. It is this unique merge of experience and fresh ideas that enables us to bring to our customers such exquisite, elegant, top-quality products.

We feel that product design should be Zen-like: simple, functional, harmonious and without frails. Each product from Tuniq aims to combine the virtues of high performance, elegant design, and extraordinary value. When handling a Tuniq product, you will appreciate its impeccable finish and will be pleasantly amazed by its quality and performance.

With the multitude of awards and acclaims that each of our products has received, we have proven that our vision and approach is the right one and we will continue to provide our valued customers with new and better products.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme CPU Cooler looks fantastic in it's all black theme. It has a quiet blue LED 120mm fan, 5 copper heatpipes, lots of aluminum fins, smooth base and includes TX-3 thermal compound. It also fits all current Intel and AMD motherboards.

The ripper line of power supplies are currently available in three models 850W, 1000W & 1200W. I'll be reviewing the 1000W model which has more than enough power, even for hardcore computer systems. It comes with a quiet temperature controlled 140mm fan, is short so it will fit in any ATX case and has lots of leads. This PSU is also 80+ Bronze certified and support multiple video card setups. Watch the video to find out more...

The Ensemble line of power supplies is available in 1000 watts & 1200 watts. I'll be reviewing the Tuniq Ensemble 1200W model which is more than enough power for even the most hardcore computer systems. The housing is steel & they include a very quiet 135mm fan and 80mm fan. Also note that these fans are load controlled, meaning the more load on the PSU the faster the fans spin. Using a test setup of an Intel Q6600 CPU @ 3.5GHz and two NVIDIA 8800 GTX Video Cards this power supply meet and totally exceeded expectations.

The Tuniq 2 case does have some excellent features. One of the best things about this case is the layout inside. There are three 120mm fans that provide excellent cooling power. There is also a plastic ducting system that assists in cooling. Also, the power supply gets mounted at the bottom. There are plenty of drive bays, but the way the 5.25" drives are installed is odd. It's a steel case for the most part, so it's fairly heavy. Watch the Video to find out more...