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Swiftech is on a roll with the X Liquid CPU Coolers. The H140-X is the latest in the series and while performance isn't quite as good as the H220-X or H240-X, it's the best 140mm AIO Liquid solution out there. What sets it apart are the robust components and the ability to customize. Included is a Helix 140mm fan, copper radiator, MCP30 6W pump, durable tubes and an Apogee waterblock.

The Swiftech H240-X CPU Liquid CPU Cooler is hands down the best AIO cooler on the planet. Like the H220-X, the H240-X comes with the same amazing pump and waterblock, but ti has a larger radiator and fans. Unlike other AIO's, this one is future proof since you can add components to it anytime. Performance is similar to custom water cooling because it basically has the same parts. Simply outstanding!

The Swiftech H2022-X CPU Liquid CPU Cooler sets itself apart from the other all-in-one coolers because it has quality components, a powerful pump, copper radiator, excellent fans and it's customizable. Being able to add other waterblocks in the loop makes this AIO cooler as close as it gets to a custom water cooling kit without the expensive or headaches. Overclock like a boss!

The Swiftech H220 Liquid CPU Cooler is the best All-In-One water cooling solution on the planet, hands down. With an incredible pump, durable tubes, large radiator, two 120mm fans and the ability to add components to the loop makes this a must have. This is an overclockers wet dream!

The Swiftech Polaris 120 CPU Cooler has lots of aluminum fins, many heatpipes, smooth copper base comes with a quiet 120mm fan and fits all current Intel and AMD sockets. Also, this cooler is medium sized, so it will fit in just about any mid-tower case. So if you need an affordable CPU air cooler that performs well, this might just be it.

The Swiftech H20-120 Compact Water Cooling combines the waterblock and pump together and the radiator and reservoir together. This simplifies the traditional four-component loop into just two-components. This reduces the space required for installation and it tremendously simplifies the installation process over most water cooling kits. The combination of high quality components sets this kit apart from others in the same category. While this kit will not outperform some of the four-component water cooling systems, it will outperform air coolers by a long shot.

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