Spire Corp.

Spire is an internationally recognized and globally respected brand name for computer cooling products, power supplies, pc case and other computing accessories. Over the years Spire has distinguished and established itself as a global leader in providing quality and innovative thermal solutions to all levels of the marketplace.
As an ISO-14001 certified corporation Spire manufactures and markets innovative desktop, workstation and server products to meet the most stringent of quality requirements. With locations in China, California, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and Brazil Spire has a proven track record and flexibility to provide solutions from development and deployment to support, service, logistics and product life-cycle management.

Spire targets the sophisticated middle-class demographic group that demands style, reliability and performance. As computers and consumer electronics converge, many build your own mainstream enthusiasts desire computer accessories, PC cases and Thermal solutions that combine elegance and design with the capability to integrate with their home design and can be well-displayed within a home while delivering the best performance.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The Spire Gemini Rev.3 CPU Air Cooler is impressive with 52 aluminum fins, six 6mm heatpipes, direct touch heat-pipe base & two 120mm fans with included speed controller. Also, the heatsink itself looks great with black-nickel coating. As well, the fit and finish is good and comes with a 5 year warranty. It's an all around excellent CPU Air cooler.

The Spire Swirl III CPU Air Cooler stands out and is nickel plated. It has 45 aluminum fins, 3 heatpipes, smooth base, 60mm LED fan & fits current Intel and AMD sockets. While this cooler isn't big on performance, it does much better than the stock cooler at default speeds.

The Spire BlackDragon 600W Power Supply has a black paint finish, quiet blue LED 120mm fan, sleeved leads, comes with a 2 year warranty and is so compact it will fit in just about any computer case on the market.

The Spire Sonex 6010 Case is a budget case that has just about everything you should be looking for. It looks great and includes lots of drive bays, plenty fans, filters, ventilation, water cooling holes, cable management and more. If you're on a pinching pennies be sure to check it out.

Spire TherMax Eclipse II CPU Cooler is a mid-sized cooler with exceptional build quality, nickel-coated, five 8mm heatpipes, 46 aluminum fins, two 120mm fans and fits any current socket. All this and it performs extremely well. If you're shopping for an affordable but impressive CPU cooler, I believe you've found it!

Spire CopperStream II (S478) & SkiveStream II (S462)

Spire cooling products (MicroFlow II & HDD Cooler)