Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd.

Since the incorporation of Sea Sonic Electronics Co., Ltd. in 1975, we have maintained our focus on research and development and the production of quality power conversion products.

For the past decades, supported by cutting edge technology based upon a strong research and development team, Sea Sonic Electronics has provided timely and professional solutions to meet many of the IT industry's requirements.

In the year 2000, Sea Sonic Electronics successfully entered the telecommunication and networking power conversion market. At the same time, we expanded our manufacturing facility to provide JIT global logistics service in order to meet our increased business demand.

For the future, we will continue our philosophy of dedication, innovation, professionalism and 4G's (Great Technology, Great Quality, Great Service & Great Price) in order to maintain our goal of continued long-term business partnerships and create "win-win" situations for our customers.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The Seasonic M12 Modular 700W Power Supply performs very well, has a quiet 120mm fan, and another fan if it's required. This is a modular power supply. However, the main motherboard 20/24, 8pin, and 4pin leads are hardwired into the power supply and are not modular. Modular power supplies give you the freedom of selecting only the leads you require, therefore freeing up a lot of cable mess inside the case, thus increasing airflow. Watch the Video to find out more...

Seasonic S12 500W Power Supply

Seasonic Super Silencer 400 watt Power Supply