Quiet PC USA Inc.

Quiet PC USA stocks premium high quality quiet computer parts and quiet computer cases.
Quiet components include: PC Fan, PC Case, HTPC Case, Power Supply (PSU), CPU Cooler, VGA Cooler,
Acoustic Soundproofing PC Materials and Noise Reduction Anti-vibration Components.

This Sponsor's Reviews

"The Q Technology Gold Series 400W Power Supply is extremely quiet with noise levels ranging from 17-26dB. The overall build quality on this product is excellent both on the outside and inside. It also offers enough power for most computer users and has plenty of leads for connecting hardware. For some the absence of a power switch might be an issue. Watch the Video to find out more."

Arctic-Cooling Coolers (4ProL & 2L)

300 Watt Ultra-Quiet Power Supply

SilentDriveā„¢ (Hard Drive Enclosure)