PC Power Zone

Established in 2001, PC Power Zone is a privately owned company dedicated to serving users of all calibers, from PC Power Users to Enthusiast to the customer that just needs a little help understanding what they need to get the job done.

We provide personalized service, a wide variety of specialized, hard to find and innovative products, plus endless products that fit the needs of the average user.

Every item on pcpowerzone.com is hand selected by a professional Product Specialist first and foremost for the functionality the product delivers, then for the products design or form, and lastly by price. We put meeting the needs of the customer above offering discounted goods that do not.

In the Fall of 2007 we expanded our product offering from mainly high-end computer products to include more; home entertainment, portable entertainment, digital photography, gaming, mobile, home office and security products.

Check the site often as we are always out searching for new innovative products from new suppliers and negotiating great deals on popular products we all want. Stay informed with our “PCPZ Updates” newsletter that includes helpful tips, emerging technologies, limited time offers, and promotional coupon codes. Note that we never share your information with any other sources. Your trust is first and foremost.

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