Patriot Memory

Established in 1985, Patriot Memory builds a full range of memory module and flash memory products, offering a perfect blend of quality and value. Patriot products include Extreme Performance (EP), Signature Lines (SL) and Flash Memory solutions (FM).

This Sponsor's Reviews

The Patriot PBO Core Media Player is an excellent option for anyone looking for a media player that can play just about an video & audio file format, has a quality build and is affordable. Also, support is very important with products like these and Patriot has that covered, with constant firmware releases and a large forum.

On the outside the Patriot Rage 32GB  Flash Drive looks like your typical flash drive, but it will perform better than standard flash drives because it uses four 4 NAND chips and thus data is managed intelligently and simultaneously transferred, resulting in enhanced performance, especially write speeds. If you're in market for a great looking, durable, fast USB2 flash drive then consider the Patriot Rage lineup. 

The Patriot Torqx line of SATAII Solid State Drives are currently available in three capacities; 64GB, 128GB & 256GB. The Patriot Torqx 128GB SSD is middle of the road when it comes with capacity but high-end on performance. Watch the video to find out more...