Ozone Gaming Gear

Ozone is a company of gaming peripherals that started over when a group of gamers took a step back to take a deeper look at the gaming scene, and they noticed there was a lack in the background. E-sports and gaming have evolved to unprecedented levels and the peripherals used are today truly advanced compared to some years back. But the market suffered a wide spread in offer. Today gamers have few choices in peripherals and they are pushed to decide whether they purchase cheap peripherals with small features or expensive gear when they are only occasionally gamers or newbies. Ozone thinks in different ways, and is committed to deliver high tech gear for high demanding levels with a reasonable price. Ozone managers start gaming when they were still teenagers, and they are strongly aware that is not easy to save enough money to buy the top products.

Ozone Smog is one hell of an example. It is one of the most advanced gaming mice of our times, with unique features and perfectly styled for gamers. When gamers get used to their gear is not easy to have it replaced. That's what we keep in mind. We have to deliver resistant, durable gear suitable for your gaming style. When we began the Ozone Smog testing period some of the gamers involved told us the shape wasn't right, specially because of the right side grip. The fact is nowadays, they can't play without the Smog. Ozone is also aware that gaming scene needs support. That's why we are now accepting gamer’s applications so we can support them as well as gaming events and tournaments. We use "gamer´s environment" as our motto because we want to make a positive contribution to the gaming scene, delivering top products at prices you can afford. Frag you all.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The Ozone TriFx In-Ear Gaming Headset looks great with aluminum construction, they have 9mm drivers, a Push-To-Talk feature and unique EQ enhancers so you can choose between extra bass, mids or highs. It's certainly an option for any gamer who requires something super compact!

The Ozone Blast 4HX Gaming Headset is extremely versatile as it works on the PC, XBOX and PlayStation. It comes with 44mm drivers, great mic, they're foldable, have LEDs and and look sharp. No matter if you're listening to music, watching movies or gaming, this stereo headset will satisfy, but don't expect big bass.

With an amazing 8,200dpi laser sensor, a weight system, 16.8 million color lightening, sharp looks, great software, and ambidextrous, there's no question that the Ozone Argon is a pro gaming mouse. This is definitely going to be a hit!

The Ozone Strike Battle Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has Cherry MX switches, it's compact, well built, solid aluminum top, looks great, is backlit and comes with software. Gamers will absolutely love it!

The Ozone Onda Pro X-Surround ProGaming Headset looks excellent and comes in 2 different colors. The 40mm drivers produce a great range of sound and the bass is punchy. The mic is detachable and comes with noise canceling technology. There's an in-line controller for muting and adjusting the noise level. It will be easy to get your game on with this headset and it won't break the bank.

The Ozone Strike Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is affordable, has tons of features and is available in four different switch options. You have a choice between Red, Black, Blue or Brown Cherry MX switches. Note though that Red and Black switches are best for gaming. There's 64KB of onboard memory, so macros and up to 5 profiles are possible, has audio jacks, USB port, flip-down feet and much more. If you're thinking about getting a mechanical gaming keyboard, this one is hot!

The Ozone Rage 7HX 7.1 Gaming Headset has great sound quality, good detachable mic, handy inline control, is stylish & durable. As well, the headband and ear cushions are very comfortable. Now, while this is a virtual 7.1 headset, the software doesn't an amazing job at 8 channel audio. These are now available in white.

The Ozone Neon Gaming Mouse is one of the better affordable mice out there. It packs a 6400 dpi laser sensor, 8 buttons, 4 color options & software for customization including up to 5 profiles and it's ambidextrous. If you're on a budget with small to medium size hands, this might be the perfect fit!

The Ozone Oxygen Headset is a unique product in that they're in-ear. Most other pro gaming headsets are the traditional kind, which are much bulkier. So these are perfect for LAN parties or if you need something compact. Considering their size these offer excellent sound and a quality mic. Also, the overall build quality and design is excellent.

The Ozone Xenon Gaming Mouse is available in 3 colors, 3500dpi optical sensor, on-the-fly dpi toggle, it's ambidextrous, has Teflon feet & 1.8m braided cable. It's an affordable mouse that performs very well and is comfortable to hold.