NZXT, a company built upon gamer's dreams, hopes to create products that put consumers first. With the objective of designing unique products catered for hardware enthusiasts and gamers, NZXT has grown into a globally renowned brand recognized for dedication towards creating the next great gaming product. NZXT has won numerous awards from media and publications from across the globe with a product line spanning from gaming chassis, power, and gaming input devices. As a corporation formed by gamers, NZXT continues to expand into new horizons and push the limits further with each product unveiling.

Our dedicated sales and customer service team will work diligently to earn your trust and loyalty. All our products are built with high quality material and engineered in the best conditions.

NZXT products are designed and engineered in the United States and manufactured overseas in China and Taiwan.

NZXT was established in 2004 in Los Angeles, California.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The NZXT Switch 810 Case is a full-tower case that is jam packed with excellent features and it looks amazing. If you need loads of drive bays, plenty of room to work, tons of fans, cable management holes and more this is the case for you.

The NZXT Havik 120 CPU Cooler is an affordable cooler that looks great, comes with two 120mm fans, 4 heatpipes and performs well. It's also not to large so it should fit in almost any case.

The NZXT HALE82 750W & 850W Power Supplies perform very well, have a quiet 120mm fan, are affordable, reliable and come with a 5 year warranty. To make the best of it the HALE82 series of PSUs have a modular design with flat flexable modular leads. It's hard to go wrong!

The NZXT Phantom 410 Case looks sexy, but is smart as well! This case has lots of drive bays, fans, cable management, cooler hole, tool-less design and is available in three different colors. If you in the market for something different I'd take a look at this case.

If your in the market for a decent case that won't break the bank, the NZXT Tempest 410 Case is it. Even though this is a budget case, it's packed with features. Fact is, even more expensive cases don't have the features this case does.

The NZXT Havik 140 CPU Cooler looks great, comes with lots of aluminum fins, copper base, 6 heatpipes, two 140mm fans, fits most sockets and is affordable. It's hard to go wrong with this cooler.

The NZXT Avatar S Gaming Mouse comes with a 1600DPI laser sensor, tracking speed of 30 inches per second, acceleration up to 20G, onboard memory, Teflon feet, 5 programmable buttons, LEDs, available in two colors and looks amazing.

If you're in the market for an inexpensive fan controller, that can control up to 6 fans and is 50W per channel, the NZXT Sentry Mix Fan Controller might just be for you. If this is not your alley, NZXT has many other fan controllers to choose from.

The NZXT Sentry Mesh Fan Controller is one of the best looking, functional and affordable fan controllers on the market today. The mesh front along with the sliders for controlling the fans look incredible. Also, this fan controller is cable of 30W per channel.

The NZXT Source 210 Case is targeted at the budget market, but it has great looks and features. This case is also available in two colors, black and white. If you're looking for an affordable case with style, this just might be it.