NorthQ, the new quality hardware brand from Denmark, was launched in 2002 with overwhelming success. NorthQ’s main goal is to deliver high quality and innovative computer components at a competitive price. We concentrate on reducing noise and increase performance of any given PC or Media Center System. These components include low noise CPU coolers, VGA & Liquid coolers, cases, case fans and power supplies.

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The NorthQ 3590 Siberian Tiger II CPU Water Cooler is completely closed and sealed, so there is no maintenance required. This means no refills are required and no risk of leaks. Since it's completely configured there's no need for any extra installation like many other liquid cooling kits. By combining the waterblock, pump, reservoir, and radiator together, it reduces the traditional four-component loop into just one-component. This substantially decreases the space required for installation and it really simplifies the installation process over traditional water cooling kits.

Both of these power supplies are identical except for the specifications and connections. The 650W model is geared towards mid to high-end rigs and the 850W model is best suited high-end to hardcore computer systems. The NorthQ Black Magic Flex 650W & 850W Power Supplies offer clean efficient power, comes with a very quiet 135mm fan. They are both very compact and will fit in any ATX case on the market, including most HTPC and SFF cases. These PSUs has lots of leads, the main motherboards leads are hardwired into the PSU, but there rest modular sleek looking flex cables.

The NorthQ 3580 Siberian Tiger CPU Water Cooler is a sealed liquid cooling system that comes completely configured with the liquid coolant preinstalled. So there's no need for any extra installation like many other liquid cooling kits. The pump, water reservoir, cold plate as well as the electronics are housed in one compact unit. It also comes with a 120mm copper radiator and a 120mm fan. This product offers great performance, is easy to install and requires no maintenance. Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.