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Romtec Trios 2 PX-920T2 Multi Drive Selector

Design Comp CM 42-RDDCi all acrylic Computer Case Kit

MagicCard (recovery system technology)

Nexland Internet Sharing Box SOHO Router

"Computers Divine started modding cases all the way back in 1996 when modding was not as popular as it is today. They offer complete custom designs catered to client specifications and requirements. Custom designed cases turn heads with there great looks and uniqueness, however, like most quality products they are very pricy. Watch the Video to find out more..." ~3dGameMan.com

Arprotek mini system: 'e-cube' CF-S868

Imperial Case (w/Temp. Sensor)

"The Nitro System (Water cooled Case Rig) includes a complete water cooling kit which includes a radiator, water block, 120mm adjustable fan, pump, tubs, etc. and the system is filled, sealed and installed inside the CoolerMaster ATC210 case. Water cooling is considered extreme cooling and should yield fantastic results, however, that is not the situation here. The weak point in this system is the radiator which should be replaced to allow maximum cooling. Watch the Video to find out more..." ~3dGameMan.com

Part 1: CPUFX Nitro System (Water cooled Case Rig)

Colorcases X Wing Chrome/Silver Case