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Aerocool Aeropower II+ 550W Power Supply

Orange Chenbro Xpider: Screw-less Gaming Case

Ennyah DigiSound II 6in1 MP3 Player

irock! 830 MP3 Player

V-Tech XRAY Mid Tower Case

irock! 730i Digital Audio Player

Green Meanie: "This Video Review was removed due to a sponsor related issue. Unfortunately, this is something that does happen from time to time in this business but it's a first for 3dGameMan.com. Remember, I currently have over 150 sponsors and over 440 Video Reviews completed." - Rodney

OCZ 512MB (2x256) PC-3200 Platinum Memory

Chenming Silver 301KE Aluminum Case

"The Z-bra AlCu1 CPU Heatsink has a hybrid design (Aluminum + Copper) which has its advantages in keeping the weight and cost low, although it's not as effective as an all copper heatsink. It also has a decent clip layout for easy installation. Although, something that’s troubling about this heatsink is the weak tension bar that could bend and result in a toasted CPU. Watch the Video to find out more..." ~3dGameMan.com