Founded in 1995, the KDS brand is a leading provider of affordable, high-quality monitors geared toward corporate, government, education and personal consumers. After the successful launch of its Visual Sensations line of monitors during its introductory year, the company immediately developed a loyal customer base desiring quality products at an affordable price.

In 1997, KDS introduced the Avitron line, a series of monitors utilizing Trinitron® picture tubes. The following year, the company became one of the 10-leading providers of standalone desktop displays in the Nation, a position it continues to hold today. Following the success of its Avitron line, KDS introduced the Radius series of LCD flat panel monitors in 1999. Two years later, in 2001, KDS launched its XtremeFlat line of "pure flat" tube CRT monitors.


Brand Principals

Built to be better no matter what you’re looking at, all KDS monitors are designed and sold based on four basic brand principles: 

First is functionality, in that they are neither under designed nor over designed, but made to function specifically for their intended use. Whether it’s for professional graphics or business applications KDS builds a model to meet your computing needs.

Second they should be extremely reliable- a quality made possible by ISO certified production control, excellent design and automated manufacturing process.

Third, without sacrificing either the functional design or product reliability, they should offer resellers and end users the best value possible.

And finally, customers should be able to count on KDS for service that’s second to none.



The underlying commitment of KDS is to offer customer’s quality built, functional products at affordable prices, backed up by a support program you can count on.

KDS monitors are the best value everyday, no matter how you look at it.

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