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We make sounds beautiful, and let your life wonderful…!!

Jazz Hipster Corp. has been focusing on the speaker industry since 1981. Jazz aims for creating outstanding sound performance to meet our customer needs and bring them delighted experience. From the computer, mp3 player, mobile phone, to the cutting edge consumer electronics, hi-end home theater, and the up-coming digital home system, our SBET. (Sounds Balance and Enhance Technology) bring great sound performance and hearing experience to our products user and customers.

Jazz Hipster Corporation is one of the worldwide leading sounds solution providers for the computer multimedia and consumer electronics market. Jazz has become an international market-share leader in the multimedia audio category by providing professional sounds solutions and high-performance technologies for the acoustic device OEM/ODM and aftermarket industries.

Established and headquartered in Taipei, the Jazz Hipster Corporation is an integral part of the Jazz Hipster Group, a conglomeration of four companies that employ over 1,500 people worldwide in facilities in the Taiwan, China and the U.S.A. The company’s advanced Research and Development Center in Taipei focuses on solutions for multi-channel speaker technology and the transition from analog to digital audio in order to provide high-quality audio to the converging markets of home and office computing and entertainment.

Jazz Hipster maintains active OEM/ODM relationships with most of the world’s leading computer and CE manufacturers and continues to expand its strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Dolby Labs, and Intel to develop future cutting edge audio solutions for emerging markets. Our vision is to be a leading Vertically Integrated Speaker Manufacturer and Partner to worldwide first tier OEM & ODM customers.

Research & Development

Our Advanced Research and Development Center employs over 60 experienced engineers and has the capability to design, build and modify speakers and speaker drivers to every type of customers exact specifications. Full service R&D Groups include:

l USB Powered Digital Speakers

l Dolby Digital and DTS

l Adjustable 3D Surround Speakers

l Wireless Speakers

l Point Source Speakers

Full Service Manufacturer

Jazz is one of the few multimedia speaker producers that have integrated the speakers manufacturing from original concept design through final production. Unlike most manufactures out-source their components, Jazz has the facilities and equipment to produce the drivers, cabinets, electrical and metal components and complete the final assembly in-house. This ensures that the customers receive the highest standard of quality, at the lowest possible price, in every unit we produce. Our full service production facilities include:

l river Production Lines

l Cabinet Production & Plastic Injection Lines

l Painting Production & Silk Screen Printing Lines

l PCB Assembly & Wave soldering Lines

l Speaker/Driver Assembly Lines

OEM/ODM Experts

Our extensive ODM production capabilities enable JAZZ to provide custom design and manufacturing services to build speakers to match ID, mechanical, and electrical specifications and create unique appearances for each customer’s products.

Our current OEM product line includes over 50 speaker models which offers companies one of the largest varieties of speakers in the market. We are continually adding new models to this category as the market changes and as new technologies are being developed.

We provide professional service in:

l Industrial Design

l Acoustic Engineering

l Electronics Design

l Digital Design

l Mechanical Design

l Graphic Design

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