Jaton Corporation

Jaton Corporation was founded in 1983 in Taiwan. As business expanded and quality standards became higher, our headquarter relocated in 1988 to the U.S.A. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Jaton has grown into a leading manufacturer of PC graphic cards. Jaton Corporation is specialized in designing and manufacturing high-performance graphic accelerator cards. Our products have been successful because they consistently feature high-quality designs and prices suited for main stream applications.

As Jaton takes our pride in constantly designing better and more innovative products for the computer users. In 2001, we took a further step in our company history and entered the consumer electronics industry by joining CEA (Consumer Electronics Association).

Since then our engineering team never stops their mission in designing better solutions for living. Jaton is now also the manufacture providing speaker systems from Hi-End hi-fi stereo speakers, home theatre speaker systems, to audio and video equipments and accessories.

In the past 20 years, we have been successful to set up a number of branch offices all over the world, which now including: U.S.A.(Headquarter), Taiwan, and China.

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