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The Revolution Is at Hand — the HandStand Story
HandStand™ — now the iPad isn’t just revolutionary, it’s EFFORTLESS.

Try this: hold your hand in front of you in roughly the position you’d hold a tablet computer. Or a plate of doughnuts. Just hold your hand out there; no objects and no weight. How fast does your arm get tired? One minute? Five minutes?

We love our iPads. But almost as soon as we got them, we noticed there were ergonomic problems with iPad use that limited how much time we were willing to spend with it. We couldn’t figure out a comfortable, functional way to hold and use the iPad without eventually having some fatigue, not to mention launching apps by accident, random scrolling, etc. Maybe we’re just clumsy — but then we started hearing the same things from everyone.

A Groundbreaking Accessory for iPad Users
So, with a background in chemical engineering and plastics, we thought, “We can fix this. We’ll create a new kind holder — and entirely new tool — that makes the iPad easy to hold, display and use.”

We didn’t want just another iPad accessory case that looked nice and protected the device. Not that we have anything against looking good and being protected. But we needed something that allowed us to use our iPads for long periods of time, in any position, with the ability to use it and display it in landscape or portrait orientation. Something, you might say, that would put the iPad’s full potential in the palm of our hand.

We also wanted something simple, elegant, durable and attractive — about as far away from just another cheap iPad accessory as you can get.

Take HandStand for a Spin?
We promise we won’t use that lousy pun more than three or four more times. But the point is that you have 360 degrees of ergonomic freedom with HandStand iPad holder. Revolutionary, in other words. Unlike cheap, plastic accessories for the iPad, HandStand is a durable, silicone accessory for the iPad with a tough, rotating disk that allows you to spin the iPad freely from landscape to portrait and back again. Now you have a free hand, literally, to do everything you and your iPad can do. Hold your iPad effortlessly and easily manipulate the touch screen with your aforementioned free hand. Once you’ve used HandStand, you’ll wonder why all devices don’t have this incredible functionality. Or else you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it first.

*Patent Pending.

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Calling the the HandStand a case is an unterstatment, since it's really a holder and stand. This product allows an ipad 1 to be comfortable held in either hand and it rotates 360 degress. It also doubles as a stand to orientate the ipad in a portrait or landscape mode. It's constructed from durable, but flexible 100% recyclable polyurethane so the ipad is protected. This is a perfect product for home users, but perfect for industrial, commercial users or a hospital environment.