HiTech League

HiTech League™ is specializing in the retail, distribution and wholesale of affordable Google Android Tablet and accessories. The Android fever is growing every day with more and more people and companies eager to be part of the trend bringing both good and bad things to business and the customer. Our mission is to help you find what is good on the market and deliver that in the professional manner and at reasonable cost. There are many different tablets being produced in China but only few of them are worth it and these are present on our website. At the same time we never stop looking for new models that will stand up to our thorough quality control and value for money test.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The Riitek Mini Wireless Keyboards are perfect for just about any portable application. They have excellent tactile response and keys are not noisy. The overall fit and finish is good. They also come with a touchpad and a laser. So if you're in the market for a mini wireless keyboard, touchpad, laser pointer, one of these products might be for you.

The Hard Case with Keyboard for 7″ and 10.2″ Tablets isn't a brand name, super expensive keyboard case, but that doesn't matter since it looks great and performs very well. The keyboard has great tactile response and isn't loud. It will dramatically increase typing speed and improve any app or game which requires a keyboard. This is a must-have for just about any 7" or 10.2" tablet.

The TrackPad & Wopad RK2818 7" Android Tablets can do all the basic tasks like reading eBooks, PDF files, Docs, browse the web, email and much more. These might not be super powerful, high resolution tablets, but they get the job done. If you're looking for a very capable 7" android tablet that won't break the bank, either of these tablets will do.