High Performance Group

High Performance Group was founded in Milton Keynes/UK in 2001. Based on high-end design and technology expertise Hiper is now among the leading manufacturers of PC Components in the world with 8 offices and 3 warehouses. The brand name HIPER represents the cutting edge technology, quality, passion and entrepreneurial spirit of more than 250 employees throughout Europe, Asia and North America put in every single product that is shipped from our own manufacturing facilities. All products comply to the latest security and environmental standards. Always dedicated to the best quality, design, technology and price, every HIPER development meets our rules:

Only products that claim leadership.
Only products that can be afforded by all.

Get HIPERized.

How we work

At HIPER we listen closely to the wishes of our customers and the new developments in IT industry. An international team of experts constantly screens and analyzes this information to develop new projects for our R&D department. In a process of ongoing improvement we design and evaluate the first drafts of a new product. The final results have to compete in a very challenging test procedure.

The exceptional expertise of Hiper engineers grants a top quality production process with a precise testing procedure every single product has to pass. This is mandatory to us as HIPER customers have the right to get the best value for their money. In addition every Hiper product has to meet and even surpass the most challenging security and environmental standards.

At the end we have a true HIPER product and have reached the target we are striving for:
the most satisfying solution for HIPER customers.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The Hiper Type RII 680W & Type M 780W Power Supplies perform very well, are efficient and come with a quiet 135mm fan. The Type RII 680W Power Supply really stands out in the looks department. Available in blue and black it comes with a 135mm blue LED silver fan and USB connections. There are 8 USB ports and 1 portable device charger port. Watch the video to find out more.

The Hiper Anubis Case is a mid tower case made from 100% high grade 6063-T5 aluminum using patented welding technology which means it's fairly heavy but extremely strong. As a matter of fact it can withstand weight up to 100KG or 220 LBS. So this could be the toughest case ever made, but I won't recommend using it as a stool! Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.