HighSpeed PC, LLC

About us

HighSpeedPC, LLC was founded in the summer of 1999 and based on a love for cool PC gear and a few simple principles many of which are overlooked by online retailers:

1) Good, old fashioned personal customer service.

We value your business and want you to come back! So we're here for you and want to help before, during, and after you place your order. Our customer service is one thing that separates us from the pack. If you have any questions about our products, your order status, if you have a problem, concern or just want to chat, you can email me here and I'll make sure you're taken care of. We reply to your email very quickly, and so far 100% of all our customer's issues have been dealt with positively via email.

We are also very proud of our status on Reseller Ratings.com. The comments left by our customers speak for themselves and I encourage you to see for yourself what people say about us.

2) Keep the customer informed.

I have ordered some things from other stores online and wondered if they even got my order, no order or shipping confirmation, another example of what not to do.   When you order with us you receive an instant automated receipt, soon after we receive your order we send you a personal order confirmation email, then another email to let you know your order has shipped out and when to expect it. This formula has worked well according to our customers.

3) Quality stuff at great prices.

I've been asked why our catalog is relatively limited, and the simple answer is we don't want to be just another computer store selling everything from sound cards to printers. There's enough places like that on the 'Net. We want to offer "specialty computer hardware" that you can't find at your local electronics super store.

4) Fast and affordable shipping.

Your order will be processed and shipped out as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.  We offer shipping through UPS and USPS Priority Mail to US destinations and UPS to almost anywhere in the world. I personally like Priority Mail because it's so darn cheap and pretty darn fast. 2-3 day shipping starting at $3.85, not bad at all.  Shipping options can be selected before you check out, so you can see exactly what your total will be, shipping included. The shipping charges are based on weight/size/destination and are set as accurately as possible to what our cost is, so you're not over-paying on shipping!

We're here to offer you some unique, high-quality computer gear and get it to you quickly and affordably. We want you to keep coming back, so you can count on HighSpeed PC to be there when you need us.  We're doing our absolute best to expand our services and evolve our business to offer our customers the best online shopping experience possible. If you have any comments on how to better our product line or services please let us know, comments are always welcome...

God bless,

Scott A Brown
Operating Manager
HighSpeed PC, LLC

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