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Why RocketRAID?

The Rocket has long been a symbol of man’s innovation and technological prowess, arguably best illustrated by the incredible “Space Race” of the second half of the 20th century. The industrial, scientific, political and social synergism required to construct such machinery was awe inspiring – the towering rockets of this era captured the public’s imagination, not only as monumental representations of mankind’s technical sophistication , but as powerful symbols of our hopes, dreams, and aspirations…breaking all barriers ,limitless possibility.

Romantic, perhaps, but inspiring nonetheless. We first adopted the “Rocket” moniker in the mid-1990’s, when we launched our first mass-market host bus adapter, the Rocket series of IDE controllers. We too wanted to break new ground by maximizing the potential of PC storage. The Rocket became a symbol for our company mission: to provide the cutting edge technology and precision engineering required to deliver blazing, robust performance.

The Rocket and RocketRAID controllers continue to serve as important symbols of our commitment to customers – providing the best combination of high-technology, reliability, high-performance and scalability – elements that are absolutely essential for today’s demanding storage requirements.

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The Highpoint RocketU 1144A USB 3.0 Card comes with four USB 3.0 ports and transfer bandwidth is 5Gb/s per port, it's PCI-E 2.0, supports up to 4 external USB enclosures, HDD/SSD, backwards compatible USB 2.0/1.1, Hot-Swap/Hot-Plug, xHCI Compliant and supports Windows and Linux OSs.

Highpoint e.SATA U-Pocket Kit (Upgrade)

Highpoint RocketRAID 1640 Controller

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