Founded in 1979, Wei Shun began manufacturing sheet metal components for the automotive industry. After acquiring knowledge for manufacturing PC Cases in 1991, Wei Shun restructured itself towards the computer industry. The computer housing and switching power supply products became our primary products under HEC and other various OEM brand names in "COMPUCASE" branch. Today HEC is one of the world leading manufacturers in the computer housing and switching power supply field.

In order to integrate more smoothly, we have started to expand our business scope from pure manufacturing into OEM designing, R&D, sales channels and global logistics segments. Besides computer cases, our other main products also include Power Supply, Barebones Assembly, IPC/Server hardware, and other Peripherals (mobile rack, storage box, RAID system).

Over the years, HEC has learned that our competitiveness is based on quality, cost and on time delivery. Throughout the entire process, from the early design phase to the final stages of quality control, HEC insists on excellence. Relying on the most advanced equipment and technology available, HEC adheres to the most stringent testing standards. To achieve high production level while maintaining the highest possible quality, HEC makes sure that our brand name always meets its goal of near flawless manufacturing. HEC management philosophy is "quality first". HEC gathers the most up-to-date and accurate industrial intelligence and using it as a resource in seeking technical solutions and product innovation. The manufacturing process thoroughly tests each product at every stage of assembly plus a final inspection to assure its quality exceeding the expectations of its customers. Therefore, all HEC facilities are certified for ISO-9001 international quality standards.

HEC R&D capability is the key factor that it can easily win customers' trust. We constantly introduce new equipment and best staff to build-up the strength of an independent R&D team. Furthermore, HEC continuously increases its R&D budget and engineering staff annually to demonstrate its commitment to innovation.

The promotion in actual performance every year is the evidence of the efforts of the entire staff of HEC. "High-quality", "Evolution" and "Commitment".. these are HEC's core value. By looking into the future market, HEC has immeasurable confidence and motive to continue its investment on people, R&D while constantly expanding product lines. These commitments will enable HEC to stay ahead of the times, and create new opportunities.

Following the coming of new century, we began our system integration age. We provide the professional Computer Case/Power Supply Design/Manufacturing service for the "1st tier" OEM customers. Our operating philosophy is conducting R&D in Taiwan, manufacturing in China and providing services on global basis. As one of the world's largest three Barebones manufacturers, we will be here to serve your PC case and power needs as a reliable partner.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The HEC Zephyr 650W Power Supply is certainly not the highest wattage power supply on the market, but it will fit the bill for most people. It's all steel so it's fairly heavy and comes with ultra high-gloss reflective paint finish. There are two fans; a blue LED 120mm and an 80mm. The 80mm is only activated when the PSU exceeds 60% load. This power supply also is 80% efficient and has Active PFC. Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.

The HEC WIN550UB Power Supply has stable, reliable, quality power, and that is what's important. It also looks great and comes with a very quiet 120mm fan, so it's virtually silent when inside the case. It's available in three different wattages; 420, 480 and 550. An excellent product for the budget gamer! Watch the Video to find out more...

HEC Windmill Ultra Quiet 335W Power Supply

HEC Windmill 400W Power Supply

HEC Silent OP 475W Power Supply

"The HEC Power 525 has more than enough juice for the most demanding computer systems. With 525 watts of power & two quiet 80mm temperature controlled fans, there's no questioning it's capabilities. All the leads are long & sleeved for clean n' sweet looks inside your case. It's a perfect unit for any system but it's especially suited for server computers where long leads & plenty of connection are preferred. Watch the Video to find out more..." ~3dGameMan.com