G.Skill International Enterprise

Our History
"G. SKILL", established in 1989 by enthusiasts, is a leading memory module Manufacturer based in Taipei, Taiwan.
With traditional strengths, we have built an excellent reputation by meeting market demand and fostering business competitiveness both locally and internationally with our dedications to provide competitive prices, On-Time Delivery, Assured Quality, Customer-Oriented Services and Diversity of Products.

Mission Statement
We are here to provide superior memory products, with satisfactory services in order to keep pace with our customers' growing needs, and help them by adding value to their purchases. We pledge we will continue to do so and enable both sides to obtain significant competitive advantages in the market segments.

Our History: Management
Investing in human resources is just one of the reasons why G. SKILL is able to provide such high levels of efficient and cost effective services.

G. SKILL is managed as a family, providing a dynamic, challenging and harmonious working environment for all employees. With the open-minded management, each individual with potential talent can be fully developed.

With this clear goal of providing satisfactory services for customers, our R&D department is constantly developing the fastest and best performing products; our marketing and sales departments ensure all the information needed is available and presented in a clear and understandable format.

Our History: Quality Assurance
At G. SKILL, we apply a top priority to quality standards. All of its products are put through a series of rigorous tests and strict quality control procedures. In addition to commissioning qualified IC testing houses to test our products, they are hand test 100% twice in factory and office, to ensure the highest product yield and quality.

G. SKILL strives to achieve the highest and most advanced quality from the initial design, through manufacturing solder-paste printing, through surface mounting, to on-line visual inspection, system compatibility testing, packaging and finally to safely and reliably shipping our products to customers.

Our History: Innovation
G. SKILL is able to quickly respond to the changing market conditions and fulfill customers' needs by fully utilizing flexible operating procedures.

G. SKILL has one of the widest breadths of products available in the memory industry and will continue to develop new storage products based on the cutting edge of technology.

Our highly skilled teams in areas of research and development, technical support, sales, marketing and make G. SKILL the choice for businesses who recognize the importance of placing customers' cutting edge needs first.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The G.Skill Ripjaws PC3-12800 DDR3 Dual-Channel 8GB Memory has great timings, cool looking heatspreader and heatsink, reliable, stable comes with a lifetime warranty and it's affordable.

The G.Skill Phoenix Pro 40GB SSD is super fast and affordable. So if you are thinking about getting a SSD without breaking the bank, this would be a fantastic option. While a single drive performance is fantastic, a couple in RAID 0 is crazy fast! Also, if 40GBs is enough space for you the Phoenix Pro line is available in 80GB, 100GB, 160GB & 240GB capacities.

The G.Skill Pi PC3-12800 DDR3 Tri-Channel 6GB Memory really sets itself apart from other DDR3 memory with it's excellent timing and heatsink. As a bonus is has a black/blue color theme that looks very sharp. The speed on this memory is 1600 MHz, has a timing of 7-8-7-24 and the voltage is 1.5. This particular kit has three 2GB modules for a total of 6GB, but there is another 12GB kit available.