GM Corporation Ltd.

GM Corporation Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Seoul, Korea and founded in 1996. The company offers a wide range of PC cases, power supplies, computer peripheral and service to customers worldwide. It is GMC's mission to be the best provider of the state-of- the-art products in the global market. By offering superior products and complete service, the company seeks to share the enjoyable computer life for worldwide end users. Through the constant invention and innovation, GMC has achieved a number of patents for its products. As a result of being acknowledged for sincere effort in research and development, GMC has received a good venture company certification from the Korean Business Administration in 2001. GMC produces middle tower PC cases and HTPC cases (Home Theater PC) which supports mATX and ATX form factors. Our HTPC has a fantastic design and functions and supports up to MS Windows VISTA and MCE (Media Center Edition). In an ever-changing business environment, GMC continues to be committed to customer satisfaction with high quality and innovative design. GMC is devoted to develop superior goods and become a leading computer case supplier in Korea.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The GMC V1000 Phantom Case has lots of features, is stylish and affordable. There are plenty of drive bays, includes a USB 3 port, fan controller, hot-swap drive a the top, ample fans included, accepts long video cards and much more. This case has a lot going for it, but the plastic is rather cheap and the steel is thin. Despite that though this is a great case.

The GMC H200 Phoong V Case looks great, is spacious, lots of drive bays, plenty of included fans and 2 fan controllers for the top and front fans. It also comes with 4 USB ports, of which 2 are USB3, removable fan filters, cable management holes, ample space behind the motherboard tray and it fits large video cards. It's a feature rich case that won't break the bank!

GMC H-80 Case is a mid-tower case that's loaded with excellent features. The styling on this case is a little extreme, but still tasteful. There's lots of drive bays, fans, black interior, hole of the motherboard tray for the cooler retention plate, cable management holes, dust filters and more. This product has everything you should be looking for in a case.

The GMC R-4 Bulldozer Case is not you're standard looking case. This is for the most part a budget case with transformer styling. One 5.25" drive can be installed, up to 2 HDDs and there are three fans included for decent air circulation. Watch the video to find out more...

The GMC K2 Case is perfect for an HTPC setup. It fits two 5.25" drives, four HDDs, there's one 140mm and one 120mm fan. Additionally it has a VDF, LED and AV center at the front. It even comed with a fully featured remote control. The GMC R2 & R3 cases are for a difference use. Since they are so small they would be perfect for a confined workspace. Even though they are tiny they still fit a standard ATX motherboard and PSU. There's even space for two HDDs and one ODD. Watch the video to find out more...