FSP Group

FSP Group U.S.A. Corporation is a North America regional subsidiary of FSP Technology Inc., Taiwan. Located in Chino, California, FSP group U.S.A. Corp. provides one-stop shop of all FSP group products and services. This regional sales and marketing office provides FSP Technology, Inc.'s factory's direct products and services which benefits to all North America resellers and distributors. FSP Group U.S.A. Corp. maintains pure-clean power designs products with exceptional value and superior quality, and most importantly, first-rated customer service from our factory-trained staff to deliver the utmost wonderful experience that is worthy of a legend.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The FSP Hydro G 850W Power Supply has a lot going for it. For the reasonable price of $140US you're getting a unit that's Gold certified, has Japanese capacitors, comes with a 5 year warranty, is completely modular, looks sharp and is virtually silent.

The FSP Hydro G 750W Power Supply is affordable, offers excellent power, has Japanese capacitors, is 100% modular, includes a quiet FSB 135mm fan, comes with a 5 year warranty and looks awesome. The MSRP on this unit is only $120 (Dec. 2015). At this price point it's definitely going to be a hit!

The FSP Aurum S Gold 600W Power Supply is 80 Plus Gold & AMD Crossfire certified, has a quiet fan, performs very well and looks amazing. As well, the Aurum S line ranges in wattage from 400 to 700 and they are all 80+ Gold certified.