As a small independently owned company based in Southern California, Feenix enjoys absolute creative freedom to design, engineer, assemble and test what professional gamers consider to be the finest gaming peripherals in the world. While a meticulous assembly process limits the production volume to less than 1000 products a month, owners of Feenix peripherals can be ensured a gaming instrument of utmost excellence. By focusing a unified passion for gaming solely into the making of peripherals, Feenix is able to maintain high-quality standards, and avoid traditional corporate inattention. With build quality as a top priority, a Feenix peripheral is unparalleled in reliability due to impeccable crafting and hand finished quality checks.

Adhering to our values
Feenix's pursuit for product perfection, as well as its passion for gaming, is fueled by 7 principle values. These values reflect the company's vision, and are integral in maintaining the dedication needed to create excellent gaming peripherals.

Respect and Integrity
The values of our company allow us to abandon common corporate malpractice, and uphold our respect for the customer. At Feenix we prioritize quality and service above artificial marketing ploys that are too often plaguing the integrity of the gaming community and its products. From offering extensive complimentary services, to your own phone-in support agent, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to augmenting the value of owning a Feenix gaming peripheral.

Research and Design
At Feenix every product starts as a vision, but that vision does not become a reality overnight. Achieving perfection in our designs is a process, and every step of this process is but a small stroke of a paint brush on a very large canvas. Designing a product that is timeless, engaging, and full of emotion, requires us to spend years in creative limbo before our artists can even begin to flesh out the vision onto a piece of paper.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The Feenix Autore Mechanical Keyboard is a well crafted & elegant looking gaming weapon. It comes with a detachable braided USB cable and is compact, so it's perfect for LAN parties. The keyboard has quality gold plated Cherry MX Brown switches, silk-screened keycaps, a gold metal plate running through the length of the chassis and it's shaped like a monolith.

The Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse is drop dead gorgeous and has features to boot. It comes with a 8200 dpi Avago 9800 laser chipset, Avago lens, 1 ms response time, 1000Hz Ultrapolling, 12000 fps, 150 ips & 30g acceleration. It's one of the best made, most elegant & comfortable mice on the market. As for a gaming surface, you can't go wrong with the Dimora Mouse Pad. It's rigid, large, stylish and won't slip.