CaseAce Products, LLC.


Established in early 2000, CaseAce Products is rapidly emerging as the innovation leader in the exploding LAN gaming world. Our GearGrip product line has been extremely well received by gamers and computer enthusiasts around the world.

Our company philosophy from the beginning has been to respect each customer by providing products with uncompromised quality and utility and to do so while providing the very best customer support. We design each product with the quality and features needed in the real world. We use the products we sell and you will find that we are continually improving them based on experience and input from our customers. Whether you purchase our products directly or from one of our many resellers we will make sure you are satisfied.

We are based in Southern California (San Diego, USA) and dedicated to the design and manufacture of high quality, innovative computer-carrying solutions. Whether you are a LAN gamer, technician or salesperson I hope you will find our products the answer for your computer-carrying needs. If not, let us know. We are always looking to improve. We also have a number of great new products in development, one of which might just meet your needs (sign up on our mailing list and we will let you know as new products are released).


Alan Payne

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GearGrip LCD Shield Harness

GearGrip LANBag

GearGrip Monitor Carrying Harness

"The GearGrip LANBag makes carrying all those necessary LAN party goodies very simple and convenient. This product is also currently available in Gray, Red and Black so coordinating will not be a problem. Watch the Video to find out more..."

GearGrip Case Carrying Harness

"A very unique product which makes carrying almost any computer case very simple. Watch the Video to find out more..."