Founded in 2000, Asetek is a world leading thermal management solution provider of vapor phase, vapor chamber and liquid cooling solutions. These solutions are designed for OEM integration, servers/datacenters, PC enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals who demands exceptional performance, maximum reliability and low noise. Asetek R&D works with state-of-the-art lab facilities and thermal simulation tools in its design process.

For a decade, Asetek has developed the very strong brand names VapoChill® and WaterChill™, to become the preferred choice of enthusiast grade cooling solutions. The VapoChill® and WaterChill™ product lines have won more than 200 international press awards.

With headquarters in Denmark, a marketing and FAE office in San José, California, a QA and sourcing office in China, and a sales office in Taiwan, Asetek works actively with world leading companies within the industry to ensure maximum reliability, cost effectiveness, and performance for its products, while providing global logistical support for its customers.

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There are many external water cooling kits on the market, but few are as hardcore as the Asetek WaterChill Xternal. This kit has everything needed for a complete water cooling solution. It comes with three waterblocks; one for the CPU, GPU, and Chipset. All have an acrylic top with a thick smooth solid copper base. The main unit houses a great pump, viewable reservoir, large radiator, and four 120mm fans. One very unique feature with this system is that it can be connected to your computer's USB and controlled with custom software. It even comes with an LCD.

Asetek WaterChill 2 Water Cooling Kit

Asetek Waterchill Watercooling