Apevia Corporation

Apevia Corporation™ was founded in March 1999. Our goal is to keep up with the challenges of an ever-changing PC industry while providing innovative features, state-of-the-art technology at fair and affordable prices. Our strategy is to stand behind our customers to ensure their total satisfaction. Apevia works closely with its consumers and suppliers to provide quality PC products and services while striving to keep up with the rapidly-changing market. Apevia designs, markets, and imports PC equipment including: * Corporate and Gaming Computer Cases * Case fans and cooling accessories * Color-matched Multimedia Keyboard/Mouse/Speaker Kits * Power Supplies * Wire/Cabling solutions Today, Apevia is a leading manufacturer of PC cases. We are proud to be the first company to debut aluminum cases with acrylic side-panel windows in assorted colors, and one of the pioneer companies to offer pre-modded gaming cases. Over the past 8 years, in addition to our corporate and traditional PC cases, Apevia has launched several successful gaming series chassis such as: * X-Dreamer & X-Dreamer II * X-Gear & X-Infinity & X-Plorer * X-Cruiser & X-Discovery * MX-Alein * MX-Pider * X-Superalien * X-Navigator * X-Pleasure * X-Qpack & X-Qpack2 * X-Jupiter & X-Jupiter Jr. * X-Telstar & X-Telstar Jr. * X-Supra & X-Qboii Each series targets end-users at various budget and skill levels, and addresses the requirements of the latest PC configurations. Recently, Apevia has successfully launched three top-notch case lines - the X-Telstar and X-Jupiter series, and the newly released sequel to our popular SFF (small form factor) X-QPack case, the X-QPack2, which is proving quite successful in the SFF market. New product lines are released quarterly to guarantee that we stay abreast of the latest gaming market trends. With the success of our gaming cases, Apevia feels the urge to bring its ideal power supplies into reality. In the past years, Apevia has launched several unique gaming power supply series. In late 2007 Apevia will introduce several high-quality, high-wattage power supplies with ample cabling, and enough amperage to satisfy today's power hungry gaming rigs From the prospective product design phase until retail versions are made available to the consumers, each process is carefully evaluated to meet strict standards and market demands. Apevia aims at delivering reliable quality products at competitive prices, steady supply, and a commitment to "TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION". In June of 2004 Apevia Europe was established to serve the European market in response to the massive demands for our products. Two years later in 2006 Apevia Taipei was set up for R&D, resource and quality assurance. With Apevia brand well being recognized in North America and Europe along with more and more inquiries from other countries we hope to expand our distribution channel worldwide. Apevia aspires to offer the most comprehensive and advanced products for today's needs and tomorrow's growth. When you take technology and intelligence, and combine it with style and excellence, you have the formula for Apevia products.


Formerly Aspire, Apevia changed their name about a year ago, primarily to avoid confusion with Acer's Aspire line of products. After a year with the new name, Apevia hasn't changed much, as they continue to pump out colorful and flamboyant enclosures, power supplies, fans, keyboards, mice and other accessories. Last year we looked at Apevia's X-Pleasure, which gave us a good look at one of their full tower lines, and this time around we're examining the X-QPack2, an upgraded case from their previous QPack line of SFF (small form factors) enclosures.

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If you attend a lot of LAN parties and you are carrying around your heavy and cumbersome tower case, it might be time for a Small Form Factor Case (SFF). The Aspire X-QPACK2 SFF Case comes in a variety of different colors, has 3 windows, excellent air circulation, comes with a removable motherboard tray and even includes a 500W PSU. This case is also all aluminum, which makes it very lightweight. Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.

Aspire ATX-MR500W CONCORD Series Power Supply

Aspire X-Infinity Case

Aspire 500 watt Aluminum See-Through Power Supply

Aspire X-SUPERALIEN Aluminum Case