A.C. Ryan

AC Ryan history:
AC Ryan has been one of the leading producers of quality cabling & accesories for international companies since 1992. The establishment of the modding productline in 2002 led to the international brand awareness of AC Ryan. Known for innovation and quality, never afraid to break new grounds, AC Ryan instantly became a favorite of promodders and advanced users. Pioneering the revolutionary CableFREE concept, introducing Connectx connector modding system, advancing the FlexSleeving craze, infecting half the modworld with UVactive Fever... there's no doubt AC Ryan leads the way.

To this day, modders around the world still use AC Ryan ProModding products to give their award winning casemods the final touch.

Empowering the Data Generation:
With the passing of time, new productlines were introduced. ProData was born, offering a wide assortment of accessories for the Data Generation; A generation of users that expects to see, use, hear, feel, experience digital content anywhere and everywhere. AC Ryan ProData develops products and accessories for this generation pro-data users. The AC Ryan ProData carries products such as MobiliT (power on the move) and Playon! (Digital Life). AC Ryan ProData is quality you can feel at prices you can afford.

AC Ryan ProCables:
Precision engineered cables with the best materials, designed for high bandwidth transmission. Patented designslike the HIFX Evolution cables make it possible to stand out from the crowd and offer extreme quality cables for affordable prices.
Today's Data Generation world full of electronic devices, microwaves, mobile phones, cordless phones, high power speakers, creates a harsh environment for high bandwidth digital signals. ProCables delivers maximum perfomrance reliably in even the toughest environment. Desgned and created by AC Ryan cabling profssionals for users expecting the best.

This Sponsor's Reviews

The AC Ryan VEOLO 4K UHD Media Player is basically an Android box with flare! It comes with a 1.8GHz Quad-Core ARM A17 Processor, Mali-T764 Quad-Core 3D GPU, 2GB of DDR3 Memory, 16GB NAND Flash Memory, Android 4.4 and does 4k.

The A.C. Ryan Veolo Smart Android Hub is a media center with internet access and much more. It supports just about every video, audio and image format and comes with an HDMI port for resolutions up to 1080p with 5.1 channel audio. This is an audio/video/techno buffs dream come true. And to make the best of it it comes with the Android OS. Veolo will do just about anything and it's by far one of the best media style players on the market!

The A.C. Ryan PlayOn!HD Mini 2 Media Player is the best mini yet! This product plays just about any video, audio and picture format, it's tiny, looks great, full 1080p capable, 7.1 channel audio, internet media, is affordable and there's a large support community. If you're thinking about getting a media player keep this one at the top of your list.

The A.C. Ryan PlayOn!HD Mini Media Player might be the little brother, but that doesn't mean it's not up to the task. This media player is small, but it is loaded with excellent features. It supports most audio and video formats, including MKV files. Playing movies at 1080p is a snap and remember this player can be connected into the LAN or Internet. If you're in the market for a tiny, but very capable media player, this is probably it!

There are lots of media players out there, but few that can do it all like this product. The A.C. Ryan PlayOn!HD Media Player accepts 3.5" HDDs up to 2TB in size, comes with media card reader, USB ports for connecting thumb drives, external dives & external DVD drives. There are all kinds of audio/video connects, including HDMI, 10/100 LAN port, and much more. This media player can play the latest audio and video formats, including MKV 1080p videos. There's even a wireless N option available. It's simple one of the very best media player on the market.