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The Antec Twelve Hundred (1200) Case is exceptional, right from the outside to the inside. It's the type of case you really want to own because there are so many excellent features. The overall look is really sharpe, especially since the inside of the case is also painted black. There are lots of fans (5x120mm, 1x200mm), drive bays (12) and plenty of room to work. You can't go wrong purchasing this case because it's one of the best. Watch the video to find out more.




The front air filters might be easy to remove but it is not very convenient. To take them out you need to remove both side panels and then remove eight bolts per drive cage, so that means you have to remove a total of 28 bolts to get at them.

I would rather have the filters than not, the Antec 900 lacks filters and the amount of dust mine sucked up was extraordinary. I just wish Antec had made it much more convenient to clean them.


does Asus Rampage III fit?

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A non toolless instalation for the 5" bays get this a 100% kickass?

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Is it good to have a lot of fans in that case to keep it cool down right?

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well, yes, depending on how powerful the computer is, it would keep the computer cooler, and properly the case, it is not just the fans that keep it cooler, it is the wire mess inside as well, that disrupt the airflow inside the case that can cause it as well to overheat. So Organize carefully (:


3d gameman i have a question wich one is better the Antec Twelve Hundred or the Thermaltake Element V? i'm searching for a full tower case for aircooling