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The Antec P190 Case is based on the original P180 case, but with many improvements. For one, it's a little larger so 12x13" Extended ATX form factor motherboards now fit. Also, there is no space issue fitting the newest very long video cards. The cases fans have also been upgraded. There are now a total of five TriCool fans; two 140mm at the top, one 120mm at the back and bottom, and a 200mm Big Boy fan on the left side panel. It has a cable management system, plenty of drive bays, a snake light, and much more. Aside from it being a ton and expensive, it's one of the very best cases on the planet! Watch the video to find out more and check out the bloopers at the end.




I have this came, and just tried putting the Corsair H100i inside it. Sadly it did not work due to this case having 1400mm fans on top instead of the 120mm fans that the Corsair H100i supports. Does anyone know if the Kraken X60 will fit in this case if I did a 4 fan push/pull setup? It seems like it would be really tight on top with the 4 fans and radiator, which would not leave much room for the space on the motherboard.

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