NZXT Lexa & Apollo ATX Cases Review

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Both the Lexa and Apollo cases look great. The Lexa is an all aluminum case with a few plastic parts, and it is extremely light. It weights in at only 13lbs! It has a tool-less design, a large window, & lots of fans and drive bays. This case even comes with a strong case carry harness. The Apollo case is an all steel case, and while it has lots of features, it's not in the same league as the Lexa. The Apollo does have most of the right ingredients for a great product and it's affordable. The Lexa, on the other hand, is a little on the pricey side. But, you get what you pay for. Watch the Video to find out more...




The NZXT LEXA Blackline is an awsome looking case but has loads of issues which the first being the front intake fans airflow is reduced by the lower drive bay mounting section, the second is the plastic cable management section is just about useless.
Next the cables from a modular PSU will get in the way of the top 80mm fan and the front usb and audio ports are on the left hand of the case when the side door window is on the right, why didnt nzxt place these ports on the right hand side as this would make displaying the internal parts and access to the USB ports ect a whole lot easier.