Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Gaming Headset Review

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The Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Gaming Headset looks gorgeous, has impressive specs, it's collapsable & comes with a 2 year warranty. The 40mm drivers are designed for gaming & have a frequency response of 10-26k Hz. The noise canceling microphone is top notch as well. If you're looking for a premium gaming headset, this is it!



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Sennheiser G4ME ZERO vs. GAME ONE. Here's what one of my contacts at Sennheiser had to say, "After using the GAME ZERO and GAME ONE for a couple of hours, I came to the conclusion that the sound is much better, sharper, the microphone is slightly better and it's more comfortable, lighter. Being a gamer myself, i recommend these for any gamers, specially for first-person shooters. The price may be a little high but I think it's worth it considering the quality of the headset." ~Sennheiser

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