Kinkoo Infinite One Portable Battery Charger Review

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The Kinkoo Infinite One Portable Battery Charger is slim, but comes with a 8000mAh Li-polymer Battery and looks sexy. It will give you around 3-4 full charges on your smartphone which is outstanding. Of course, it will change just about anything so it's invaluable. Must have product for sure!



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I've got to give it a 100% right off the bat, given the warranty. I have had both an Energizer and Duracell Li-ion portable cells for the same purpose, but found after opening both packages that they were based on cheap batteries from another manufacturer. Both had a 3 month warranty, and neither lasted much beyond that, considering I generally have a high-powered phone that never makes it through an entire day and was connecting the portable charging cell daily.

If the quality is there, as the warranty suggests, this likely will end up in my gear.

Have fun, be safe! Sláinte!

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Yea, excellent warranty. Oh an they have a new model coming out soon.

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