Be Quiet! Shadow Rock 2 CPU Air Cooler Review

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The Be Quiet! Shadow Rock 2 CPU Air Cooler is well crafted, comes with four 8mm heatpipes, has a smooth copper base & 51 aluminum fins. Also, the included 4pin SlientWings 120mm fan and the turbulence-reducing wave design on fins reduces noise generation resulting is a quiet cooler.



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i don't know a lot about Dark rock, but i would buy a Noctua or a Corsair ALC for about the same price tag (basic ones for sure) but the name and reliability is really set in the entire world for these 2 brands...

that said, if they comes in the market with really aggressive price (maybe 50 USD for this one) i would buy this anyday as it seems like a really good product, well built and i would at least try them (50$ to learn that they're better than Noctua (just speaking here) or 50$ to know that i wouldn't buy any other product from them isn't that much consdering how much i've paid over all these years in PC parts...)

I would easily compare the Shadow rock 2(and possibly the Dark Rock 2 as it seems to be the same but black) to any other single tower heatsink without any doubt that it'll be in the top 3 but i think some dual tower and ALC are in the same price range and better (you can grab an NH-D14 or an H80 for 70$-80 in rebate) and i'm pretty much sure it'll perform a little better, however, like i said, in a 50-60$ price range, it would never be beaten and become a great and better alternative to the Cooler Master 212 EVO that sells for 25-30$

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