Amped Wireless RTA15 700mW AC Wi-Fi Router Review

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The Amped Wireless RTA15 700mW AC Wi-Fi Router is one of the best routers on the market when it comes with range and speeds. It have 10 amplifiers, 3 high power antennas, super-fast AC1200 Wi-Fi speeds, gigabit LAN ports and tons of security features. If you're in the market for an outstanding router, this is it.



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Amped has been taking a queue from Asus' routers. They used to be cumbersome but this last year they've really made an impression on me. I've installed a few of their SR1000 range extenders with great success. They really need to start shipping with 7dbi or 8dbi antennas though (it's a default upgrade IMHO)... That would solidify them at the top of the OEM performance mountain.

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