Cooler Master V8 GTS Air CPU Cooler Review

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The Cooler Master V8 GTS Air CPU Cooler like the previous V8 line, is a winner. It sports eight 6mm heatpipes, two LED 140mm fans, many aluminum fins and comes with a smooth baseplate with vapor chamber technology. This thing is a beast!



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One of the few good coolers out there.
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Holy smokes that thing is big.

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it looks a lot better than the old V8. reminds me of something from Transformers :) seems to perform well.

You dont know me but that's the way i like it!

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How much space do they think we have in our cases. Pretty sure something will get in the way with this install such as side case fans.

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this things looks like a beast but man I feel sorry for cm, them pre-seal water cool system kicking ass. But this does look awesome. Only way I can see this competing with liquid cooler's is matching price or making it lower. Anyways great video and keep them coming.

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Been running my V8 on my i7 920 for nearly 4 years, still runs like a beast. Although I must admit weight was the biggest concern prior to buying it, that's why I stayed away from the V10.