Nexus RX-6500 650W Modular Power Supply Review

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The Nexus RX-6500 650W Modular Power Supply comes with a super quiet 135mm fan, tough paint finish, modular sleeved leads, and a single +12V rail. This would be a great PSU for a quiet computer build.



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Hi Rodney!
Just a thought: Since The 6/8 pin PCI cables fit in 4/8 pin motherboard plugs on the motherboard it would be nice to see these two connectors right next teo each other since they would destroy your motherboard/PCI card if you mix them. With the modular design you can decide what cable can be plugged in where but it can still be messy in a small or crowded case.
My PSU has eg. cables with red connectors for PCI and block ones for the motherboard (even both are modular).

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For sure. If you a neat freak :) look for a PSU with flat flexible modular cables.

Rodney Reynolds,