NZXT FZ Airflow 200mm Fans (LED & Non-LED) Review

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NZXT FZ Airflow Fans come in a number of LEDs, but is also available in a non-LED option. They have a revamped blade design over the older FS-200 fans which allow them to have 15% more airflow. These fans are compatible with the Phantom 820, Phantom 630 and future NZXT Cases.




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Would I be able to use this with my Corsair 600T?

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If they are truly 200mm then I don't see why not. I have the NZXT Hades case and the supposed 200mm fans are actually 190mm.

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I think im a get me a white LED one for my phantom 630.

You dont know me but that's the way i like it!

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I'm more of a "everything black" kinda guy myself.

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