Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse & 1030 Surfaces Review

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The Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse looks great, is comfortable to hold, comes with customizable buttons & LEDs using included software, excellent Avago ADNS 9500 laser sensor & great Omron switches. The 1030 gaming mousepads are well made, offer two surface textures and base has rubber feet.




ok 3dgameman sorry to do this to you but i have a tech question for you .. i tried to join your site so i could post my question in the forums yet got nothing sent to my email after registering maybe its because i amin hong king and there is a time lag?? I dont know and am unwilling to wait until tomorro to find out .. i did try and re registering and that confirmed my login name and email address yet have not received a password to be able to log in .. I posted my question under best gaming monitor which i found on youtube then followed your link please please if you could give me some input ... I appreciate your time and service to the community ... thank you for all that you do : ) here is my original question looking to see if i can get a quick response here : ) I am currently in hong kong and my choices of monitors at my local shops are these none of which comes with much information about them ... I could special order a gaming monitor yet it would add much to the price and would not be here quick enough ... I play primarily fps such as counter strike, crossfire, bf3 and will be getting into the two new mech warrior style games coming out this year ... my three biggest areas of concern are response time, lag, and frames per second .. i do have a top teir video card and rig with an amazing internet connection .. my current choices are ... asus ve228t,samsung s22b300h, samsung 23b350h,benq gw2250 benq gw2260, benq gl955a, benq gl2250, benq gl2250h, benq gl2250hh, clearview g920wl, viewsonic vx2370s, viewsonic va2033, viewsonic va2212m, viewsonic 2253mh, hp LL574aa, hp LL649aa, hp xn376aa ..... do any of these monitors jump out to the frontor maybe the top three in your estimation or are they all crap haha ... your help would be greatly appreciated : )


rodney can tell me please why firefox crashes sometimes after closing ?

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Drum roll.... because you closed it. LOL

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please? : )