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The Roccat Kone XTD Gaming Mouse is an outstanding mouse in every respect. It looks amazing, excellent build quality, has an LED lighting system, Pro-Aim Laser Sensor which is capable of 8200dpi is very impressive, has a 32-bit processor, comes with tracking & distance control and so on. This mouse sets itself apart for many other so-called gaming mice.




I really like this mouse and I am thinking of getting one. But I do have a question for you... I am a girl with a small hand would this beauty be too big for me to hold?

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I have Roccat Kone+, Its almost the same as this one, only it has 6000dpi. Looks the same. Good mouse, weights are very useful. Before Roccat I had Razer Death Adder (actually two of them), for my hand it was more comfortable, but each one of them died about in 1-1.5 years. (Buttons are not strong enough, weel broke on first one, on the second side button)
I also have Roccat Alumic (Aluminum mouse pad), it is better made than Razer...

Final score: 9.8/10 = 100% Kickass

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Can u do a unboxing/review on "bgears b-Blaster 140 Case Fan" or "SILVERSTONE FHP-141 Case Fan"?

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That DPI marketing ^^ 8200 is so overkill (have a CM storm sentinel 8200 max dpi but i never pass the 3200-4400 DPI setting i've programmed in...) 8200 only usefull if you turn off all windows acceleration or use the first 1-2 slider settings for your mouse and use all 8200 DPI do their jobs... (i personnaly don't use that as it picks every move and when i left click i have a little right move that sometimes move the mouse and i click just aside the target and that upset me ^^)

For that mouse, i'm not a big fan of Roccat (i generally don't like their designs) but they do amazing mouse and seems to be one solid manufacturer... I'll surely try one of their product as Razer deceive me and Microsoft too... My CM still runs strong but the gray finish is degrading so quickly (was going black in the first month on some pressure point) but when i'll replace that mouse, i think i'll try something like this mouse, seems really comfortable, functionnal, software seems good and it surely have some "magnets" to it as i'm turning curious about it ^^

I also like the sensor positioning (more on the palm side) as it'll possibly resolve my "clicking aside my target" issue ;)

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Nice looking mouse, really nice software. Roccat seems to have some great quality items. What I want to know is who in their right mind would use a mouse at 8200dpi? Can't imagine trying to adjust to that speed.