Teratrend PB05 Mobile Phone Charger Review

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The Teratrend PB05 Mobile Phone Charger is portable, uses AA batteries, accepts standard USB cable, all aluminum & comes in a variety of colors. It's a great choice for backup power for a mobile phone or similar device.



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cool looking thingemagig. butt be honest how many times whill u actualy use it or have it with u when u need it?

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I'm sure people will laugh at the review, but I can't remember how many customers at my work over the years have asked to plug in their phone just for a few minutes because it's about to die. I know myself I've forgotten to charge my phone over night and something like this would have been helpful. Heck, this would be a great item to have for emergencies like when the electricity goes out.

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Yea, funny looking device, but it definitely comes in handy :)

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