Cubitek Mini Cube Aluminum Case Review

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The Cubitek Mini Cube Case is all aluminum, looks fantastic, has excellent build quality, plenty on drive bays & lots of places to install fans. This case fits mini ITX motherboards and is capable of water cooling. The 120mm fans slot will allow for an ALC (Advanced Liquid Cooler) to be installed. Very cool considering this is a SFF case. This case rox!




Please note the pricing on this case is NOT on the 3dgameman video review page. :-)


what's the pricing on this case? and Where can i purchase one?

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It seems like a fairly good case, but I think I prefer the small Silverstone cases

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Two Cons:
Weak Ventilation
Sound Dampening lacking

Thankfully, both can easily be fixed with a drill or dremel and some AcoustiPack.

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